Welcome to the Ephraim Co-op!! 
We are a Not-For-Profit  (501C3) organization specializing in Mormon  handicrafts by local crafters and artwork from local artists. All work is performed by a volunteer workforce. Our store is the original ZCMI store and also the original building for Snow College in Ephraim.  We are located at 96 North Main Street in Ephraim, Utah.


Purpose page: References Mission Statement and Volunteering.

History page: Presents a detailed history of the Co-Op

Artisans page: Introduces some of the Co-Op artisans

Crafters page: Introduces some of the Co-op crafters

CO-OP Events page: Tells about the events the CO-OP is involved with each year

CO-OP Blog: the CO-OP has its own Blog

CO-OP Facebook: Link to the CO-OP on Facebook

CO-OP Store: Features many items that can be purchased in our store

Online Store: Features many items that can be purchased from our online store

Events Calendar: Click here to see upcoming CO-OP events in calendar format

Reception Center: Shows some of the uses of our upstairs Reception Center


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