Nicole Gunn


Nicole’s Scandinavian ancestors settled in Ephraim and Manti, where her family visits each Spring for the Scandinavian Heritage Festival.  She has fond memories of visiting her great-grandmother living in Ephraim, attending the festival when it first began with her great-aunt, and seeing the gravesites where her ancestors are buried in Ephraim and Mt. Pleasant.  These ties are what brought her to wish to be a part of the Ephraim Co-Op Mercantile.  Nicole makes charming Charm Jewelry, Rosette Rings & Pins, and sweet Dala Horse Tags for the Co-Op.

Making jewelry to sell began when Nicole found herself living in a foreign country and in what seemed like a different world: Quebec, Canada, where she resided for three years, hence the francais in her boutique.  Not to mention “Nicole” is a French name!  Now she’s pleased to be back in the good ol’ USA.

Nicole loves the fine arts (especially painting), music, literature, history and especially art history, great architecture, scrapbooking and blogging, reading, going running, old friends, watching movies, French pastries, Mexican food, peonies & poppies, and shopping!