Becky Hales    

Hello, I’m Becky Hales from Central Valley, Utah, a small community about one hour south of Ephraim. I’ve been a crafter with the Ephraim Co-OP for over five years and appreciate the opportunity provided by the Co-Op to sell my products. Sewing, crochet, knitting, and machine embroidery are the foundation of my varied creations—baby blankets, flannel rag quilts, crocheted afghans, ruffle scarves, ruffle skirts, tote bags, quilts, machine embroidered temple handkerchiefs, and more.
Growing up in a family of four girls my dad wanted to name me Agnes—thank goodness for three older sisters objecting to that. Generations of us knew how to sew and crochet. Mother taught me how to sew on her old, black-headed Kenmore sewing machine stitching only a straight stitch—yes, it was electric, not treadle. Much of my high school and college wardrobe was made on that machine. My latest project was making my new granddaughter a blessing dress from my wedding dress. Crochet was another craft I learned from my mother. I even got good enough to help make a Christmas afghan for an aunt. She also knitted a little, but my mother-in-law helped me the most with that skill. 
I enjoy creating beautiful things on the sewing machine or with crochet/knitting. My fabric and yarn stash has grown to overtake my husband’s art room. If I make something I expect the product to be of good quality offering lasting durability for the buyer. Know that anything I create is made with love and care. These hobbies bring me joy.