Larry Nielson  

Larry Nielson was born in Ephraim, Utah, the son of a rancher His extensive career has seen him excel as an art director/consultant, illustrator/graphic designer, photographer, artist and teacher.

Since the 1970's Larry's illustrations have been known world-wide. His series of animal lithographs have been used to benefit animal care shelters throughout the United States. His design work has been seen on the covers of magazines and records; on movie and television screens; as well as on the walls of celebrities such as Robert Redford, Liza Minelli and Johnny Cash.

Larry's focus is on what he calls The Spirits of The Wood. Of his artwork on wood, Lloyd Call wrote: "Have you ever looked at nature and felt a spirit touch your own? It usually takes a unique talent to find the voices in nature that speak to our hearts ... a special tool, a special person is needed to make the connection. If you come across an art piece by Larry Nielson, you may first be surprised to discover that the art is part of nature itself. Nielson uses rough, weathered wood as his canvas. The painting itself is not garish or overdone, but the dark colors and natural tones he uses are subtle, and become seemingly part of the wood itself.