Faye Watson  
Faye Watson learned to crochet about the age of 7 or 8. She was taught to crochet by her 80 year old great aunt, who had the patience to teach a left hander. Faye has been crocheting ever since, making up her own patterns for baby dresses, booties, blankets and other things for babies. She has taught many young girls and adults to crochet as well as her own children and grandchildren. She loves to crochet doll clothes. She is an accomplished seamstress, does knitting, tatting, embroidery and netting. She also oil paints and her paintings have been displayed in the Fairview Museum. 

She has crocheted several hundred hats and matching booties plus several afghans for the Mt. Pleasant Humanitarian group. She lives in Fairview, Utah. Examples below include: Diamond Dress and matching slip, cap and booties.